50/50 Club

Over the years the KCCSC has raised funds for various Kent Cricket projects. In 2000 it was decided to raise money to support junior cricket in the county. To this end the 50/50 Club was established, initially with a view to selling 100 shares at a cost of £12 per share. It was proposed that the proceeds should be shared equally between prize money and donations to the Kent Cricket Academy. At present membership far exceeds the original target at over 250 members. Over the years a sum of well over £32,500 has been donated.

The competition is currently our biggest fund raiser and we are always looking to attract new members. You can now buy a share for £12 per year, or indeed have as many as you want and have the chance to win some money yourself. Half the money is paid out in prizes and the other half, less expenses, goes to support the academy.

There are four draws made during the year, and six prizes per draw. The draws are normally made at the first Stakeholders day, Tunbridge Wells Cricket Week, the second Stakeholders day and the Christmas Lunch.

Closing date to join each year is the 31st March, and we re-open for applications in November. For joining forms or for further information please contact Maureen Nixon on secretary@kccsc.co.uk.

Membership Application Form"

The winners of the latest draw were:

Draw 1

1st prize £110 - Share No. 195 - Mr M Wiseman - Bekenham

2nd prize £98 - Share No. 199 - Mr P C Stokes - Dover

3rd prize £60 - Share No. 109 - Mr A Barton - Caterham

4th prize £36 - Share No. 340 - Mr C S Jones - Rochester

5th prize £22 - Share No. 54 - Mr C Openshaw - Tunbridge Wells

6th prize £14.50 - Share No. 135 - Mr A R Wren